Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Flooring Project Update

Flooring at Jeremy's House
Elkridge, MD
July 8, 2020
The flooring project at Jeremy's house continues. 

We have been installing flooring every day for the past week. The house is transforming. 

The main level is nearly complete, we only have to install the trim. The materials for the trim should arrive today and then I will be having fun with my pneumatic nailer. On the upper level there is a small area in the hallway and most of one of the three bedrooms remaining. My knees are very sore, even wearing knee pads. I confess that I only worked three hours last evening as the light was such that I could not see the seams. We are being very critical about the seams and if they cannot be seen we cannot ensure the adjoining boards are properly joined. 

I have been making some complicated cuts around doors and into hallways. They take time to map out. I had one cut along an angled wall yesterday that was especially difficult because the wall was not at a 45 degree angle and I have go go back to basic geometry to figure out how to determine the angle. Actually, I finally remembered to just measure the length of the hypotenuse and it worked like a champ.  

While the coronavirus continues to rage across the country, this project is keeping us off the streets and busy.

I am hopeful of completing the project by Thursday night!

Next week's coronavirus project will be an adventure in deck staining! Oh joy! Anyone who knows me understands how much I dislike projects involving paint brushes and rollers!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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