Monday, June 3, 2019

Flat Water and Great Days

Home Sound National Wildlife Refuge Beach, FL
June 2, 2019
As Monday morning dawns and I hear the distant sound of the train whistle, I realize how lucky that I am to be away from the rush of my day-to-day life and in Florida where Chris told me yesterday, as we were walking the beach, I am living the dream. I cannot fully comprehend how fortunate that i am to have the opportunity that currently have to be able to fly two-and-a-half hours from home to home! 

The weather has been almost idyllic in that the mornings are fantastic and then the obligatory afternoon rains come through making the evenings are nice and steamy. Chris and I have been completing a multitude of projects around our Florida home. We are still decorating and looking for that perfect piece of furniture for one room or another. Yesterday we found the perfect carpet for our patio area and it makes the place "pop!"

Even more exciting than the projects and the relaxation, the ocean has been still and inviting. Yesterday at Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge the water was still! Flat even. It was war and inviting and we spent time in the water and strolling the beach looking for shells. We saw no less than three crab, big crabs, playing in the surf and I saw sand fleas launching themselves in the water to find new places to spend some time. It is summertime, almost. 

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivor Day and I am both happy and sad to count myself among that group of people. Happy that I am a survivor, but sad that I joined the group in the first place. It is truly a group that no one actively seeks to join. 

Today, more sun, ocean, projects, and relaxation. It is the beginning of the workweek after all. I am hoping to enjoy more flat water. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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