Saturday, February 3, 2018

Into the Wormhole

Depiction of a Wormhole
I discovered a new fun fact the other day.

30 seconds can equal 6 minutes!

Amazingly enough I had suspected this fact for a long time. It is almost like a wormhole situation when things are just right.

In this case the right combination of events involves me leaving the house 30 seconds too late and meeting up with the dreaded school bus!

I hate the school busses that ply our streets. The kids  that board them in the morning are especially slow and nonchalant about even being at the bus stops on time. That said, if I have to wait for the bus at the end of my street, I get the added benefit of waiting through two more stops and then painfully waiting for the bus to make a right turn at the end of the community onto US 1. 

Having been 30 seconds too late on a couple of occasions this past couple of weeks I have computed the net time of the delay to be about 6 minutes. Unfortunately, I cannot see the bus when I leave my driveway and so it is not like I could pour another cup of coffee and relax while the bus picks up its "self-loading cargo."

But instead, I am stuck following along behind the big yellow bus as it waddles down the street. And time passes through the wormhole.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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