Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday Musings - January 15, 2018

1. It is Martin Luther King Jr Day. Some of us get to enjoy a holiday.

2. Driving back from Upstate New York yesterday the thermometer on the car registered a low of -9 in some places. I can't even imagine that kind of cold.

Matt Blowing the Overnight Snow
3. The weather is cold again! It is 15 degrees outside. Ugh!

4. It is fun to watch the news describe the morning traffic when I know that I do not have to drive into it. 

5. Wall, why does it have to be a $17 billion wall?

6. Doesn't The President realize that he is the face of America and everything he utters or tweets becomes what people believe about our country?

7. What is wrong with this picture of Matt blowing snow on Saturday morning in Upstate New York? Everything! It was 60 degrees the day before and there was no snow. 


Hopes Dim for DACA Deal as Lawmakers Battle Over Trump’s Immigration Remarks - The New York Times

In Iran, Protester ‘Suicides’ Stir Anger and Calls for Accountability - The New York Times

Jeff Flake expected to deliver floor speech comparing Trump's attacks on media to Stalin's - CNN

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"We're a friend of peace first, last, and always. But the American soul was forged in freedom. And we will be a friend of freedom everywhere, and the foes of freedom will be our foes."
Remarks at the 1985 Reagan Administration Executive Forum, January 25, 1985

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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