Sunday, January 14, 2018

From 90 to 8

Two days and two different birthday parties. 

Dad and Mom Holding Court
at the Head of the Room
January, 13, 2018
Yesterday was a big birthday celebration with people arriving from all over the country to celebrate Dad and his 90 years. 

Lucas with an Alligator
It was an exciting evening despite the inhospitable weather. It was bitter cold and there was a lot of snow, but the meeting hall was warm with admiration and compliments. It was good to see all of the family that was able to make the trek, despite the conditions, and celebrate Dad's life. It is really hard to corral over 70 people on a cold winter's night and my sisters a great job of getting the family to come together.

From my standpoint, it was great to talk to so many of my cousins and catch up on their lives and families.
The Family Posing with an Albino Python

This morning, we departed a frigidly cold Ithaca about 6:30 AM to be back for Lucas' 8th Birthday Party at EcoAdventures. A couple years ago we had his birthday party there as well. I'm not sure having a birthday party with snakes, alligators, and roaches is exactly the way to have fun, but the kids and even the adults seemed to have fun.

There is something really different about eating ice cream birthday cake surrounded by wild animals. And I don't mean the kids, either.

I am glad that I was able to make both celebrations even though they were almost 6 hours of driving apart.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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