Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday Musings - August 21, 2017

Crab on the Green
Eagle's Landing Golf Course
Berlin, MD
August 20, 2017
1. A beach weekend cures all ills. 

Sign in Ocean City, MD
2. Playing golf yesterday, we had to fight off the crabs to play one of the greens. They were small and we were careful not to hurt any of them.

3. Prepare for the eclipse! It is coming to a town near you, today!

4. Out of context, this would be a strange sign and combination. In Ocean City, MD, however, anything goes it seems.

5. We in Maryland do love the idea of our State Flag. It adorns so many different things.

6. August seems to be rocketing by--Labor Day is just two weeks away!

Finding the Green
Eagle's Landing Golf course, Berlin, MD
August 20, 2017
Fish Hanging in an Ocean City, MD Restaurant
7. There is something magnificent in the power of a thunderstorm.

8. Dawn comes too early some mornings.

9. I wonder how big the traffic jams will be today on major highways that the total eclipse passes over? I'm glad that I am not traveling.


A 121-year-old Confederate monument was coming down. This Kentucky town put it back up. - The Washington Post

The eclipse capital of the U.S. is over the moon for Monday’s solar event - The Washington Post

10 Missing After U.S. Navy Ship and Oil Tanker Collide Off Singapore - The New York Times (How does this happen again?)

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"If excellence is one pillar of the agenda for opportunity, equality is another, and it's just as important -- equality of rights, treatment, and protection under the law. We want every American to participate fully in society on the basis of individual merit, regardless of race, sex, or national origin. I reaffirm today our unshakable commitment to eliminate discrimination against blacks, women, the handicapped, and other minorities. And let me add, this is not just our legal commitment; it is also our moral commitment. "

Remarks at the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association in Atlanta, Georgia, August 1, 1983

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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