Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday Musings - August 14, 2017

Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream Donut in a Bag
1. Yesterday was National Left-Handers Day! We lefties are still the only ones in our right minds.

Buffalo, PA
August 13, 2017
2. Hard work brings rewards of a job well done.

3. My optimism about the Orioles post-season chances is beginning to wane as they stumble through yet another road trip. They are now 3-4 on the current trip must win at least two games in Seattle coming up.

4. Driving back from New York yesterday we stopped along the way to enjoy the scenery, and some wine.

5. Did you ever wonder what a Dunkin Donuts Boston Cream donut looks like in a bag? Lonely!

Trumansburg Golf Course
August 12, 2017
6. The Troy Whittemore Classic golf tournament on Saturday was blessed with great temperatures and no rain! We had a lot of fun.

7. Since they are only playing pre-season games, can we really say that football season is here? Yet?

8. I wonder what our cats do when they are alone in the house for a weekend? At least they seem happy to see us.


White House Acts to Stem Fallout From Trump’s First Charlottesville Remarks - The New York Times

Charlottesville victim: ‘She was there standing up for what was right’ - The Washington Post

Former spy chief: Denuclearized North Korea not in the cards - CNN

Ronald Reagan Quote of the Week

"We're strong because we still believe in a bedrock principle: We are a government of, by, and for the people, not the other way around. And we're strong because we know that true greatness begins with the deepest treasures of the human spirit, with faith and courage, with loyalty and love, with a quiet, unselfish devotion to our families, our neighbors, and our nation."
Remarks at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, August 19, 1984

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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