Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cool Evening

Not My Feet!
I walked outside last evening, barefoot, to get the mail. I noticed the cool evening air, in the 70's, and low humidity. I was struck by the contrast of last week's unbearable temperatures with stress indexes in the 100's. 

But last evening was markedly different. I could feel the summer season beginning to pass right before me. I enjoyed stepping onto the still warm pavement of the driveway as I walked the hundred or so paces to the mailbox. 

It was an exciting feeling--the coolness of the evening air and the warmth of the pavement beneath my feet.

I see more 90 degree days in the immediate forecast, but I know that they are becoming less prevalent. It is August, after all, the transition month from the ecstasy of the summer to the dark times of winter. The arrival of September brings changes as leaves fall and frosts arrive to paint colors onto the canvass of the scenery.

I did enjoy the coolness of the evening air, just as I enjoyed the 60's of this morning as I let the dog out. But I miss the dog days, which by some reckoning ended on about August 11th. Summer is slipping away!

How did it pass so quickly?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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