Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Springtime Arrived

The temperature climbed to 77 degrees yesterday. It was the region's first foray into the 70's since Christmas! We had a beautiful Christmas day, but since then it has been nothing short of miserable.

Cat in the Gym Parking Lot
I was happy to enjoy the temperatures outside, despite having a racquetball match in the evening. So no, I didn't get out to swing my clubs in preparation for my upcoming trip. I could have some ugly golf outings. 

One of the things I did treat myself to was driving in Cat with the top down! I love to take that initial image of Cat once the weather warms enough for a drive. Actually, we had the top down in late February for an afternoon, but that was pushing it a but. I feel like it is really Spring now!
Spring Peeper

It was awesome to feel the warm breeze in my hair as I sped down the parkway. 

Last evening on my way home from the gym, I even heard the peepers beginning their springtime songs. 

Springtime has arrives--and not a bit too early for my way of thinking. Looking at the weather forecasts, the region is not expected to be below 40 at least the next 10 days! I need to get some of the wintering plants outside to get used to the sun again!

I can almost hear the mower revving up in the shed.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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