Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Arriving--Bahamas (three long blasts on the ship's horn)

The View from our Ship's Cabin
Via the magic of an overnight cruise out of the port of West Palm Beach, well it should have only been a three-hour tour cruise but they wanted more money, Chris and I arrived in the Bahamas. I could not believe that there were five cruise ships in port this morning! Two of them were Carnival cruise ships.

Yay! I love Spring Break!!!!

It is our (and my) first trip to the Bahamas! It likely will not be our last. Although the day was cool, it has been awesome!

Wandering Around the Shopping District
The overnight cruise was fun, but very basic. I am glad that I have been on other cruises and know what a real cruise is all about. Arriving in the Bahamas this morning during a thunderstorm at the Grand Lucayan Breakers Cay really put a damper on our day until noon, but, the view from our room is fantastic.

Bird of Paradise

We spent the day on the beach, although I had a light jacket on the entire time due to the coolness of the breeze. We walked the beach and did what we like to do--decompress from the frantic pace of life.

I have to admit, the Bahamas are a lot of fun. The scenery is pretty--it is ocean. Vacation--which is what this is all about, it fantastic. I did find my all-time favorite flower--yes, the Bird of Paradise!

I wrote last week about retirement being  a constant Spring Break, and this is the Spring Break of my dreams. I could live here, really. The people I have met are very impressive. 

Although overcast the weather has not dampened our spirits! We are having fun and there is a Bahamian band playing outside my room right now!

-- Bob Doan, writing from Freeport, Bahamas

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