Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Take: Red Cup Furor Overblown

Starbucks' Red Holiday Cups
Perhaps one of the funniest, if not saddest, stories to cross my viewing during the past few days has been the furor over Starbucks' red holiday cups! Certain Christian groups are accusing Starbucks of being anti-Christmas because the cups are plain red rather than adorned with symbols of the season.

My thought was, why not orange for pumpkins?

Can someone really, in good conscience accuse Starbucks of being anti-Christmas? 

I worry that we are becoming a paranoid society and that people are searching for ways that they can feel persecuted. There are real issues out there, like the climbing Baltimore murder rate and people are seriously worried that Starbucks is using a plain red cup for the holiday season?

Get a life!

For me, I like the minimalist holiday look. I find it festive and simply elegant!  Good job Starbucks. I may even head over to Starbucks for a cup-of-joe in a red cup.

And that is My Take!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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