Friday, November 13, 2015

In Need of Another Vacation

The Blue Hole, Belize
I have been getting email about planning future vacation destinations and cruises.

Specials, discounts! 

Except, none are for next summer. They all want me to leave tomorrow or next month!

Oh I wish that I could. The ultimate escapism.

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
I would love to be cruising the Caribbean while Winter arrives in the North! I looked at the temperature graph for the upcoming week in Key West. It varies between 80 and 85 degrees! That, by the way, is the low and the high!

Perhaps the darkness, the rain, the gloom, and the too cool temperatures are beginning to get to me! I even see that snow is beginning to creep into the forecasts of cities around me. 


It is November after all! The news were talking about the November Witch yesterday providing frigid weather to the mid-section of the country. The same witch that may have been responsible for the wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, which was 40 years ago. 

Well, after all, it is almost Thanksgiving and time for the bad weather to begin affecting activities. Darkness and bad weather. What a combination.

Find me a warm, sunny beach somewhere with gentle waves breaking along the coast.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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