Friday, August 7, 2015

Weird Animal Activities

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. Too busy in many regards. 
Monarch Butterfly at Picnic

But, during the course of the day I observed two very different animals doing funny things.

The first animal encounter occurred during my office's picnic. The person cooking the burgers and dogs was visited by a very persistent monarch butterfly. The butterfly fluttered around for quite a few minutes before deciding that he was not the milkweed plant for which it was looking. 

Riordin Tries on a New Box
During its time at the picnic the monarch butterfly even posed for a picture perched on the cook's hand which was holding a paper plate.

And then , there was Riordin! The cat likes boxes of all shapes and sizes. The parts arrived to repair the broken garage door opener and Riordin just had to try the box they came in on for size--even though clearly it was too small for him. 

He arranged himself in the box and sat there for a few minutes in the most undignified pose trying to decide whether this was the box for him. It wasn't and I was finally able to add it to the recycling pile.

Animals do the strangest things and sometimes the encounters add spice to my days.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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