Tuesday, August 25, 2015

School Begins

The kids are back in school here in much of Maryland.
Lucas giving gifts to us as he
got off the afternoon bus

Yesterday was day one of a journey that will not end until June 2016. 

Jax and Ethan Ready for Day 1
It was also the beginning of a 13 year journey for my youngest grandson Lucas as he began kindergarten. One of those important milestones on the road of life. 

Ethan and Jackson continue their journey's in fifth and second grades. 

They are all getting so big. 

I was able to visit with each of them yesterday afternoon after day one and found them all excited about the beginning of the new school year.

Luke made some nice gifts for everyone. He rides a bus, although the school is close, it crosses a main highway and there are no sidewalks. 

Luke Fresh of the Bus with Gifts
Ethan is on the safety patrol this year. He remarked that he gets to open doors for people--he felt like a doorman.

Jax was just excited to be home and was recovering from having a wart removed from his foot. He had named the wart "Bob." I wasn't too amused and am happy not to be associated with a wart on his foot anymore.

The funniest thing that happened was when Lucas thought that he had forgotten his lunchbox. He turned around and was in a total state of concern. He put his hands to his face, similar to the scene form "Home Alone" and stated he forgot his lunchbox. It was safely in his backpack, however, and he was greatly relieved. 

Day One is over and now it is into the routine. 

Way to go guys!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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