Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday's Musings -- An Attempt at at Weekly Thought Piece - March 9th

Well--I like what a lot of people do--with their weekly lists of things and happenings and decided that no good idea should go unplagurized.

So here goes--only in my list there isn't a requisite number of items:

1. Jax is a miracle baby and the parties this weekend celebrating his first year only served to demonstrate how much of a miracle he is. He is an awesome Child of God. I love his smile and bright eyes.

2. There is nothing better than sitting on the back deck, on March 8th, in the early evening with the temperature in the 70's enjoying wine, cheese, and crackers with Chris.

3. I wish the phone wouldn't ring 8 times while we are trying to enjoy wine and cheese on an awesome Sunday afternoon in March.

4. I can do brakes on a car--and my kids know this. At least it is a reason for them to come over and visit--both boys have visited in the past two weeks.

5. The more Chris gets frustrated with Makayla, the more I laugh--especially when she is eating the blooms off the newly planted pansies. There is just something funny about the two of them when they go at it. And Makayla usually comes away with the upper hand (paw?).

6. I wish Makayla would not try to "play" with Zachary. It just gets too loud in the room.

7. Why do the leaves return so quickly after we remove them from the yard? Is it a conspiracy by the gnomes? Do the trees have it in for us? What did I do to deserve so many leaves? And we still have three trees which have not shed all of their leaves, yet! Ugh!

8. Temperatures of 76 degrees in early March in Maryland make it more likely that the pool will be open sooner than later. At least I can dream about it. Of course if this were Florida--the pool would never have been closed in the first place.

9. I feel like a real "He-man" because I had to get another chain saw blade due to dulling of the one that came with my chain saw. Walnut really dulls a saw blade quickly. My neighbor and also another friend at work both told me they have 4 blades for their saws for this very reason. Who knew that chain saws could be that much fun?

10. It really is true that weddings and funerals bring families together. Good for the first and way too bad for the second. Ought there not be another reason to get together to celebrate? But next weekend we'll be in Houston for a wedding--and we are looking forward to it. Although the weather looks questionable right now--I'm not sure the weather forecasters really forecast anything--they make it up as they go. So I'm hoping for sunny and 80 degrees! For me--anything over 60 is a bonus.

11. We left our previous church a year ago--trusting God that we were following His leading. In reflecting yesterday, together, on the deck with wine, cheese, crackers, and the notes from the message given in our "new" church warlier in the day; we came to understand the degree to which this was really true. The past year has not been easy in this regard and the broken relationships still cause pain--but, we are growing again and healing. And we are becoming ready to begin serving again in some capacity.

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