Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Musings on Tuesday: Air Travel

OK--so in week 2, I missed Monday.

But, I was traveling and have an excuse.

So here are the Monday Musings, on Tuesday:

1. Air travel has become a real pain. I feel like the next thing they are going to want us to do is load the bags into the airplane ourselves.

2. What extra service do you get for the $15 per bag charge on airplanes? They take longer to collect when you get there. It took an hour after we landed in Houston to get our one piece of checked baggage. And why did we check it? Because of the liquids necessary to make women look pretty in the morning.

3. Direct flights are THE way to fly!

4. Continental Airlines still serves snacks on board. Who knew?

5. The weather in Houston was just like the weather in Baltimore--awful.

6. Houston Intercontinental Airport is TOO BIG!

7. The TSA likes to change things up just to keep everyone uneasy about air travel.

8. Leave on the noon-time flights, there will be fewer people in line ahead of you. This was borne out by the fact that we departed form Baltimore on a Friday at noon--and had a real short wait at the security check point, and even leaving Houston on a Monday about noon-time, there were almost "no lines, no waiting!"

9. Everything is bigger in Texas. Check it out for yourself.

10. I learned that Stephen F. Austin college is making their first ever NCAA Tournament appearance as a 14 seed.. Everyone in Houston is excited. Too bad they face Syracuse (A 3 seed)!

11. Low-level supersonic describes the trip to the airport in Houston after my sister realized we were leaving too late.

12. Fulshear, Texas IS the middle of no where! But they don't have many distractions around either.

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