Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm Getting Bigger

So I have been been remiss in my blogging activities this past week. I have been distracted a bit by the furry friend on mine--Makayla.

In short--she is a near full time job when I'm at home. Between running her outside every time she sniffs a carpet--potty training is not going well, and playing with her until she finally tires--I do not have much time for blogging.

And then there was the annual taking down of the Christmas Tree. She was a great help. Maybe moving a bit too fast for some of us, but she really liked the garland that had encircled the tree. Actually, if the truth were known, she is the reason we took the tree down a bit earlier than normal. She loved the tree. And now she loves the poinsettia! Which is a problem.

But she is getting bigger every day. She is extremely intelligent and sensitive. She also has a mischievous side to her. She loves to torment the Yorkie--Zach. He really doesn't want much to do with her, and Zach is the only dog that Makayla has met that doesn't want to play--so she is determined to make Zach play.

Yeah--that's not going so well.

But--she is fun on four feet.

I guess that is my four feet!

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