Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Musings - December 11, 2017

1. It is two weeks until Christmas. How is all of that shopping going. I think we have returned half of what has been bought.

2. There is something warm and welcoming about a fire in the fireplace.

3. Ethan and Jax began their basketball seasons yesterday with wins! My how the sped of the game has increased for Ethan. It is real basketball.

4. The first snow of the season stayed around to make yesterday a cold, white covered place. It was NOT a wonderland.

5. Winners and Losers. Winners: Steelers, Cowboys. Losers: Ravens, Redskins, Penguins.

Sunrise on the Highway to Work
November 30, 2017
6. Apparently the Yankees believe they can buy a World Series with their recent acquisition. They should ask the Dodgers how that approach is working.

7. I have a heated steering wheel in my truck, who knew that I would like it as much as I do?

8. As the season has deepened closer to the solstice, I am no longer enjoying the brilliant sunrises on my daily trek to work, but this is one from a few weeks ago, 


What is the Russia Story? - The New York Times

Liberal Outsiders Pour Into Alabama Senate Race, Treading Lightly - The New York Times

And in the you knew it was coming department:

Lindsey Vonn suffers back injury in World Cup race - Fox News

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

"Our country may face enormous challenges, but the great advantage of our democracy is that we do not act from fear or simply respond to threats. We Americans have never been pessimists. We conquer fear with faith, and we overwhelm threats and hardship with courage, work, opportunity, and freedom."
Radio Address to the Nation on Economic Recovery and National Defense, December 18, 1982

- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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