Sunday, August 28, 2016

Crazy Drivers

I think too many drivers have been watching the scenes from adventure movies and are adopting some of the poor driving practices in their own lives.

That makes driving dangerous for everyone.

Within a five minute span yesterday, I was faced with two dangerous driving situations which should never have happened.

The first was a white SUV driving in the wrong lane--not just one wrong lane, but coming towards me in the right turn lane of a three lane road. The other two lanes were full of people stopped at the traffic light. I'm not sure why this person decided to use the lane, at first I thought they were going to turn into the gas station, which is near the corner--but no, they drove the entire distance almost to me and where the traffic opened before they zipped across the other two lanes and into the proper lanes for the direction in which they were traveling. 

If that was not enough as I was entering I-95 on a long ramp with a blind curve just a few minutes later, just as Chris urged me to slow a bit a minivan came into view driving in reverse in the middle of the ramp. Reverse! There was no where for me to go, although I had a plan as I laid on the horn--I wished I had a bigger horn. For some odd reason, the person driving the minivan stopped, put their vehicle in drive and then proceeded to enter I-95 and I have no idea what was happening--except another very dangerous driving situation.

Be careful out there! It is a jungle!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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