Sunday, December 16, 2012

Watching the Grandsons

There I was yesterday morning. Alone, unarmed, and without a clue as to how to keep three grandsons under the age of 8 busy for a couple of hours. I was at the mercy of Lucas, Jax, and Ethan with no help.

Something possessed me to say yes when asked if I'd watch the boys for an hour (or so) as Chris and Nicole headed off shopping for those final Christmas presents. Lucas was already at the house to allow his parents the opportunity to attend an early movie. Ethan and Jax had arrived for a scheduled playdate.

Recognizing the impending arrival of the grandsons, during the morning I had completed the conversion of the nursery into a playroom equipped with wall mounted TV and a Wii. Just in time to check it all out.

Watching Star Wars on a Saturday
The Wii kept their interest for a while. I even got involved and won a bowling game but was utterly crushed by Ethan playing tennis. Seems he has been playing Wii tennis and this was my first attempt. I at least managed a few points in one game.

Then it was outside to play on the swings, pass the soccer ball around and practice some basketball bounce passes.

It is amazing how slowly time passes when  the clock is watched. Even so--an hour (or so) turned into two and was headed for three.

Somewhere in there I was able to provide snacks and drinks to keep the boys wired and happy.

The stroke of genius came from Ethan when he asked to watch Star Wars Episode 3.

As we all settled in to watch the movie, I realized that this wasn't so bad. The boys were awesome and we actually had a real good time tougher. Surprisingly, there was no blood, no tears, and only a minor incident when Jax walked into my backswing while playing Wii Tennis.


It was almost anti-climactic when the women returned as we were really getting into the movie. But good things soon end. Or is it that they end too soon when they are good?

I survived. The house survived--and so did the boys!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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