Thursday, December 13, 2012

Corny Christmas Movies

I watched one of those "made for TV" "corny Christmas stories" the other evening on the sappy Hallmark Channel.

I am amazed at the number of these specific genre movies that are available his time of year--considering they get to play them about once per year. But, then again they get to re-screen them every year.

I do not even remember the name of the movie, but Chris and I were enjoying some together time--which has been pretty scarce lately, and she likes the stories. This one was about a couple of bumbling government agents (aren't they all?) who track down Santa who is staying with a family in crisis in a small waterfront town. Somehow, a fighter pilot gets involved--he had shot down Santa the year before, and of course there were elves--and as is clearly evident the story line goes from unbelievable to absurd pretty quickly.

The key here is that I stayed awake and watched the movie, fortunately it was on DVR so we missed the commercials otherwise I definitely would have drifted off.

But the fascinating part was that when Santa, at the key moment in the movie when Christmas is about to be lost, calls for his sleigh and it arrives out of the clouds with nine reindeer, yup I counted, I got a bit emotional. There is something about seeing the reindeer and sleigh coming out of the clouds that rekindles the little boy inside of me and reminds me of the magic of Christmas.

I remember that magic from when I was a little boy and I knew Santa was coming and could hardly get to sleep on Christmas Eve. I remember walking into the too white light of the movie camera on Christmas morning to face a trimmed tree adorned with more gifts than I could ever imagine. And I knew it was magic.

And it still is in my heart.  It just gets lost in the business of life.

So, for a few minutes, I remembered those great times of unwavering magic all because I took time out to watch a corny Christmas movie.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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