Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas in Columbia Mall - 2012

Last evening I was coerced into visiting the Columbia Mall to do some seasonal shopping. I actually like visiting this mall during the holiday season because of the unique decoration that takes center stage: the Poinsettia Tree.
Poinsettia Tree, Columbia Mall 2012

This tree, I believe, is unique among the decorations used in malls and it is big--at least 20 feet tall.

I always feel a need to snap a picture of it because I find it so stunning. This was a quick shot from the second tier of the mall.

One year, 2010 I think, the mall decided to forgo the signature poinsettia tree and set up a cheesy Santa's Workshop center for the kids. The mall found out that people like myself look forward to this unique expression of the holiday season. The last thing we need is another Santa to deal with.

The poinsettia tree is unique and it is a local landmark.

And, I enjoy it. I think I posted last year's image taken from exactly the same location.

Happy Holidays--Merry Christmas, and haul out the holly!

As a side note--I did survive the shopping adventure.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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