Sunday, March 6, 2022



I was treated to a bike ride in a new area yesterday. A friend and I went north of Hobe Sound and rode into Port Salerno. Part of the ride included the Seabranch Preserve State Park which has a very nice riding trail through the Florida scrub. We enjoyed a very pleasurable 12-plus mile ride. 
Tortoise Eating
Seabranch Preserve State Park, FL
March 5, 2022

I never actually took an image of the scrubland or the trail, but I was able to record a tortoise eating along the trail--which is essentially a wide sidewalk. 

The tortoise I imaged was not the only one seen during the ride. One the way back through the park to where the vehicle was parked two more tortoises were found. It was unclear whether one was the same one I imaged or not. One of the two tortoises demonstrated that these are not slow moving creatures. The tortoise did not like being watched and made a speedy, for a tortoise, escape into the brush. I was actually impressed with its speed. 

The ride yesterday was an out and back with some exploration of Port Salerno along the waterfront. The ride is mostly flat. While the wind was strong, it only affected the ride on the way back, of course, since the winds were from the southeast. The trees did a good job of keeping the wind from becoming too much of a nuisance. Riding directly into a strong wind is not a lot of fun. 

The total time of the ride was just over one-hour. A pleasant pace and an enjoyable ride.

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, FL

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