Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Super Bowl LV Review

From start to finish the BIG game fell short of expectations. 

It was not the most super of Super Bowls. 

The expected matchup between the quarterbacks did not materialize. I was expecting an offensive led game, but instead it was a one-sided affair. 

Of course, part of my disappointment has to do with the Chiefs losing 31-9 to the Bucs. But, it goes much further than that. There was no drama. Kansas City was never in the game. The offense never got into a rhythm and the defense made stupid penalties at critical times.

The highlight of the game was the flyover of bombers: B-1B, B-2, and B-52. Now that really excited me to see the the backbone and workhorses of the Air Force's power projection force on display. 

The halftime show left me wondering--what was that? I have an idea for next year's halftime show--get the best rated college marching band and have them do a classic show to restore the roots of football to the big game.

That may be the problem. The Super Bowl has strayed too far from the roots of the game. It has become primetime entertainment rather than a sporting event.

Even the commercials left me wondering--why? 

Well, there is next year, right? Maybe things will change.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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