Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Cold Blast

I walked out of the building after work last evening and was greeted by a wet, damp slap in the face that chilled my entire body.

Wow. It seems like just two weeks ago I was enjoying 80 degree days; wearing shorts and flip flops. Wait, it was only two weeks ago. 

Winter has arrived and is supplanting Autumn. The leaves have fallen from the trees and now the cold and frigid weather has arrived to snuff out any lingering thoughts of warmer days. 

They're gone.

We have to face the darkness and the cold of the next three months. Perhaps March will arrive and rescue us from the trials and tribulations of the Winter which has begun to arrive early for too much of the country. 

And so I take another sip of the dark, red, full-bodied Syrah that I chose for this evening and enjoy the lingering warmth it provides as it slowly slides from my mouth into my stomach. The flavors remind me of summer. 

I turn into the frigid north wind, taking it straight on saying to it that I will not submit to the darkness that it brings. 

I got cold, but continued trudging toward my truck.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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