Sunday, February 24, 2019

Maybe the Snow has Passed?

Remaining Snow Pile
Elkridge, MD
February, 23, 2019
Sunday has arrived and I am standing at the threshold of a new week. I am resolved that this week will be better than last week. I am feeling much better and am ready to face the challenges of the week from somewhere other than my sofa.

Yesterday, I stood on the doorstep and looked into the yard, now mostly clear of snow, and wondered whether we have seen the last significant snowfall of the season?

I hope so. 

I doubt it.

Last week's fast moving storm dumped five inches of snow on us which were mostly gone by the end of the next day. Only the places where snow was piled remain as a fading monument to the weather event.

I always hope, at this time of year, that the most recent storm will be the last.  

But, I am sure that more snow will come before Winter releases its grip on the region. I only hope that next weekend will be snow-free as Chris and I sojourn north to return Mom and Dad to the frozen land of upstate New York.

The month of March is clearly in view and with it the promise of Spring. Cue the flowers and warmer temperatures.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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