Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Musings - June 19, 2017

Summer Flowers Blooming in my Garden
1. The summer solstice is Wednesday. The longest day of light for the year will arrive. And then it will be passed.

2. The forecast for the past few days has been for rain, yet none has materialized.

3. I enjoyed a very different Father's Day. I spent time individually throughout the day with each of my children and grandchildren.

4. Third Eye Blind gives a great concert. It incredibly exceeded my expectations last evening. Unfortunately, we did not arrive home until after midnight. I fear I am going to have a very long day.

5. The red Sonoma should be removed from the driveway today. It will end an era.

6. We discovered a new place to relax in Baltimore. It is called Sand lot and it is right on the water in Fells Point with libations and lots of food. 

June 18, 2017
7. Baltimore has a pretty skyline, especially at sunset. 

8. The Orioles have figured out how to win again! They took a weekend series from the Cardinals, but it was with the bats and not pitching. The winning scores were 15-8 and 8-5. Way too many runs given up.

Quote for the Week

"Our fathers bear an awesome responsibility -- one that they shoulder willingly and fulfill with a love that asks no recompense. By turns both gentle and firm, our fathers guide us along the path from infancy to adulthood. We embody their joy, pain and sacrifice, and inherit memories more cherished than any possession."
Ronald Reagan
Proclamation 4845 -- Father's Day, 1981, May 20, 1981
-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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