Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Orioles Season Finale

The Orioles went to Toronto to begin the MLB Post-season. It was a one-game play in to the division series. The game lasted 3 hours and 25 minutes--but in the end, it was over so quickly in the 11th inning.

Buck on the Game
And with its ending, so ended the Orioles season. 

The game was close and tense all night. The pitchers generally controlled the batters as the innings passed. 

The Orioles three inning-ending double plays were beautiful, saving the team and the score as the game wore on. It seemed that neither team could muster the offense necessary to score and that the game could continue well into the early morning hours.

Bluejays Manager
But in the bottom of the 11th inning, the end came quickly. The first out was a 5 pitch strikeout.  And then, a pitching change with the bases empty in a move that seemed to make a lot of sense by bringing in a starting pitcher who had been almost unhittable during the month of September to set up for a long multiple-inning ending to the game. He was the pitcher that many thought should have been given the start for the game, so it seemed like a good move.

I didn't realize then that in just five more pitches to the next three batters the game and the Orioles season would be over as a three-run homer sent the Bluejays into the next round of the post-season while sending the Orioles home. 

My playoff tickets arrived by Fedex yesterday and they will remain unused. There will be no playoff games this season at OPACY. While the ending saves me a lot of money that would have been spent on souvenirs and tickets, it is money I was looking forward to spending. The World Series ticket that came yesterday for Home Game #2, will remain unused; like all of the ones that I have received before. 

But, it is over. A season in which the Orioles were projected by many to finish last in the division ended in Toronto after the Orioles had ended tied for second place. A successful campaign, but an unsatisfying ending.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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