Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Circus and the Orator

New Hampshire has voted and placed its unique style and mark upon the presidential olympics.

What did I see? The circus of Trump continues to attract. Scary. I do not see any depth in his proposals. He seems to be running on the ideas of candidate bashing and being the biggest bully on the block. Were he a kid in a public school today, he would be expelled for being a bully. I think the electorate is watching too many "reality" TV shows. And remember, Trump starred in one. 

I was encouraged that the trio of governors began to show some signs of life in the campaign. Someone needs to serve as an alternate to the circus.

On the other side of the campaign, it appears that the Hillary train was derailed by the orator. I listened to Sanders victory speech last evening, almost 45 minutes of it. I was struck by his oratory. He speaks in complete sentences and thoughts, unlike many candidates who speak in sound-bites. 

And now, on to South Carolina where the real campaigning will begin. I am sure Trump will declare victory, it is hard to declare a mandate with  thirty-something percent of the votes cast. The only victory of the night belonged to Sanders. 

Is November getting close, yet?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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