Saturday, November 8, 2008

November arrives

Well, I think I'm finally recovering from the election hang-over. It was a wild ride these past few months as the candidates slung mud to get to election day and the American people finally could make their choice and mercifully end the campaigning which has been going on for almost two years now.

I urge each of you to sign up with the Presidential Prayer Team to pray for the transition and our new president.

I also urge each of you to visit the President-elect's web site to learn more about the new team headed for The White House.

Regardless of who you voted for--and I admit I didn't vote for the guy who won, we need to support the President-elect. Why? Because we need our President to be successful our President needs our support and prayers for wisdom and discernment of God's will for our great nation. We can disagree on policies--but on this we must agree--our President and all of our leaders need our prayers.

And finally--if you want to have some fun and become a bit more educated about our 43 Presidents--check out this Presidential rating website. I found it fascinating--especially the selection for number six!

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