Sunday, April 28, 2019

The First Win

Success on the baseball field has finally happened for the Jax's baseball team the GORC U12 (Haslup). It came in the form of a complete team win yesterday. I write complete team win because everyone on the team contributed either offensively or defensively or both. 

The team posted a 7-4 win over the South River Seahawks 12U. It was a hard fought game which saw solid pitching by both teams. 

Defensively the win for GORC was highlighted by a double play, throwing a stealing runner out at the plate, and solid defensive work by by the team--including the outfield getting the ball back into the infield to minimize the number of bases taken by the runners. Defensively, the team only gave up 3 stolen bases and caught 2 runners stealing. By comparison, offensively, our team had 11 stolen bases and only 1 runner caught stealing. 

Jax Smiling after the Win
April 27, 2019
The hitting also came around as well. The box score records 9 hits, 1 of which was a massive double.

Jax pitched one inning, the 6th and faced four batters striking out two and walking one. He also received fielding support on a 4-3 put out. He earned a save for the effort and closed down the visiting team during the critical unlimited runs 6th inning, preserving the 3 run win! Defensively, he also had an incredible throw from deep Right Field that went on the fly to third base and almost got the runner that was advancing.

It was good to get the win. The boys have worked hard for the victory and all of the practice time is finally paying off. 

There were still some weird calls by the umpires. Jax was called out on a dropped third strike after apparently safely advancing to first base because allegedly somehow he touched the ball in fair territory. I'm still having a hard time seeing that play in my head.

A computer prepared write-up of the game can be found at Game Changer

The team heads on the road Tuesday night hoping to make it two in a row!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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