Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Colorado Springs, April 2019

Out the Hotel Window - Colorado Springs
April 8, 2019
Pike's Peak from Near the Hotel
April 8, 2018
It is springtime in the Rockies! While there is a great view of Pike's Peak from near the hotel, my room has not such a grand view. I wonder why I always get the "no view" side of the hotels that I stay in?

The view is not bad--it just isn't. Although the blue sky is refreshing after seeing clouds for the past day. Like I wrote before, I want to live somewhere where I grow tired of seeing blue sky!

The travel day came to a conclusion about 6:30 PM and then it was off to dinner. Fortunately, there was a place close that also had the National Championship game in the tv's to watch as a distraction. 

I was so tired that when I returned to my room I fell into bed and only barely saw the end of the game with Virginia winning in overtime. Then it was lights out--my eyelids closed and sometime during the night I woke up to turn the tv off. 

Today begins another day on the road. It will be an interesting day and I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people. 

It has been a while since I was able to add to my out the Hotel Window series, and I hope to have a couple more entries during this trip as I will be in a couple more hotels before the week is over!

But, that written, I am already looking forward to getting home.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Colorado Springs, CO

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