Sunday, March 17, 2019

And the Streak is Broken

Happy St. Patrick's Day

May all of your days be green and warm!

Always remember to forget
The things that made you sad. 
But never forget to remember 
The things that made you glad

It was much colder yesterday, but despite the weather, which saw temperatures about 25 degrees below Friday, the day was spent mostly outside.

There were many lawn chores to accomplish, gardens to clear, rubbish to remove, and yes, even the tractor made its first appearance on the yard for 2019! I used it to help remove the winter debris and get the yard greening up a bit as warmer temperatures continue to be expected for the remainder of the month. The yard really looked good after the small sticks and leaves were removed. 

At the Batting Cage
GORC Wildcats (Haslup)
March 15, 2019
I also was able to do some car maintenance and changed the cabin air filter in our new (used) 2006 Camry. It looked as if it had not been changed in many years. The new filter will definitely contribute to a cleaner in car air environment.

And then, of course, there was baseball practice. Another almost three hours of fun in the sun. Despite the colder weather, the sun shone brightly and I got a bit of a sunburn, believe it or not, in March! The boys on team Wildcats worked hard and we are getting them ready to begin the spring campaign, which could be in as early as two weeks!

As the day came to an end, the temperatures dropped into the 40's and the wind picked up. We decided to forego sitting by the fire pit and remain in the warmth of our home to watch the sunset. That meant that our streak of consecutive days celebrating around the fire pit was broken. And so the day ended.

It was a full Saturday of activity! And now, onto Sunday! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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