Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Return

My parents arrived safely from Houston last evening. I appreciated tracking the flight on Flight Tracker. That helped because they arrived almost a half-hour early due to what I'm guessing was a strong tailwind. Their scheduled speed was 525 mph and they were actually traveling about 620 mph. We are so very lucky that Southwest airlines flies direct from Houston! It makes the journey that much easier.

Dinner with Mom and Dad, and Chris in the Middle
Elkridge, MD
February, 26, 2019
Chris and I have been looking forward to their return for a couple of weeks as it marks the beginning of the next phase in their journey. It is hard to believe that they were last here during mid-November as they first traversed to Houston to enjoy the bulk of the Winter. 

And now onto Spring, well, except for the wintry-mix of weather we are expecting later this week to potentially block Mom and Dad's triumphant return to Central New York! The family has been working hard to facilitate their return. We are planning to head out on Friday afternoon to drive them home.

But that is later in the week. For the remainder of this week we are planning on having our local family visit to spend time with Mom and Dad while they are here. I know that there are enough things to be accomplished during their relatively brief visit.

Every visit, no matter how brief is special!

And then back into the fray of daily living.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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