Friday, December 2, 2016


A vote recount is underway in Wisconsin, and a partial recount is underway in Pennsylvania according to a New York Times article titled, ‘We’re Going to Get This Done’: Wisconsin Vote Recount Is Underway.


It seems a huge waste of money.

I guess it is important to know that the electronic voting machines were not tampered with, but with Michigan falling into the Trump vote column the other day, the lead seems insurmountable.

Losing is hard to accept for some people especially given the breakdown of the popular vote, I get that. But we have to have faith in the integrity of the voting system.

Yes, I am one of the first to say things like, "Vote early, vote often!" But I don't mean it. I say it just to encourage people to get out and exercise their right, or is it a privilege, no it is a responsibility to vote.

As the world has changed from paper ballots to computers, we do need to ensure that the computer tallies cannot and are not tampered with.

Recount? Not to change the outcome, but rather to confirm it and provide confidence in our automated vote counting process.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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