Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Musings - December 12, 2016

Christmas Tree outside the White House Entrance
1. There are less than 2 weeks until Christmas, I am finding it hard to believe how close the holiday is rushing towards me.

2. Time Magazine selected the President-elect as the Person of the Year, but I take exception to the subtitle: "President of the Divided States of America." 

3. Why do cars seem to need brake jobs on some of the coldest days of the year.

4. I don't like snow! During my short trip to Central New York this weekend I saw enough and drove through enough snow to last an entire winter.

5. "Our nation was conceived in liberty, and we have always understood that the fate of our own freedom is tied to the fate of freedom in the world. The flourishing of liberty, democracy, and constitutional government is the goal of this administration as it is the greatest wish of Americans and that Americans have for all peoples of the world. We pray that we'll all come to enjoy what we consider our greatest treasure -- freedom." Ronald Reagan. Remarks on Signing the Human Rights and Day of Prayer for Poland Proclamations, December 10, 1982

Dirty Vehicle from Traveling on Snow Covered Highways
6. Has anyone wondered why the Russians supported Donald Trump to be President?

7. Cars seem to take the brunt of winter weather by getting very dirty. 

8. I am a bit bummed because the temperatures have been to cold to golf. I miss chasing the little white ball around the course.

9. I want to say thank you to the Congress for passing another continuing resolution and preventing another furlough. Now let's see if they can finalize a budget.

-- Bob Doan, Elkidge, MD

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