Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Disturbance in the Force

The passing of Carrie Fisher yesterday was another dose in a year of multiple reality checks. It was a bigger shock to realize that she is younger than me!

2016 has been a tough year with the passing of so many stars and notable people. The list, which continues to grow can be found on Wikipedia, as well as many other sites. The Mirror has a nicely done list with pictures of the celebrities. 

I am not going to run through those that touched me in a special way except to note that there were more than a few.

The passing of Carrie Fisher caused a large disturbance in the Force. She was one of the stars of three of the Star Wars movies. I am a fan of the movies and her character was inspiring and decisive.

With each passing, I am reminded of their impact on society. Even though they may have been entertainers or sports figures, many of them brought other important issues to the forefront of our consciousness like Muhammed Ali and his heroic battle with Parkinson's Disease. 

Everyone we meet or see impacts our lives--some positively and some negatively. I try to appreciate everyone and hopefully, 
I am having a positive affect on them. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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