Thursday, December 1, 2016

America the Great

One of the campaign slogans during the recent national election was "Make America Great Again."

I always took exception to that phrase because I could not determine when America stopped being great.

In my mind, America remains the greatest country on the planet. And why do I believe this? 

It is not because of our military, there are large militaries, but none better equipped than ours. It is not because of our leadership, because we all have seen through the facade of Washington. It is not because of our economy, even though we are one of the strongest and most resilient economies on the planet.

Why is America great?

It is because of our people. 

Ronald Reagan got it right when he said:

"The greatness of America doesn't begin in Washington; it begins with each of you -- in the mighty spirit of free people under God, in the bedrock values you live by each day in your families, neighborhoods, and workplaces."

Address to the Nation on the Eve of the Presidential Election, November 5, 1984

America is and always has been great!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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