Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Difference is in the Day

Yesterday morning the world was frozen. The snow that had fallen since Sunday evening and all through Monday was covered with ice and the falling rain was freezing at it hit the ground. It was a mess. The temperatures crawled past 30 degrees and began their slow climb ultimately into the 40s as the morning wore on. 

No Snow in the Yard
The rain picked up intensity and the ice turned slippery making driving almost impossible. The schools closed, businesses delayed opening, accidents were everywhere. Fortunately, I too was delayed in having make my daily trek to the office. Travel was very difficult. But the temperature kept climbing as the rain fell harder. By 9 AM it was already 40 degrees! That was up from 8 degrees on Sunday morning.

As I made my way to work, suffering in snarled traffic which doubled my commuting time, the rain fell harder. I even took my umbrella with me. When I went into my building the weather was terrible.

Driveway Devoid of Snow
But then, a few hours later when I left work to head home it was completely different. All traces of the inches of snow and monsoon-like rains had disappeared. The sky was a brilliant blue and clear. The early evening was, in a word, idyllic. I was amazed at the difference of just a few hours. 

As I drove home in the brilliant sunshine, I marveled at the change in the world from just a few short hours earlier. The day had transitioned form dreary to bright and with it my mood had changed as well. 

The only snow that remained were the piles created during the blizzard of a few weeks ago. Every trace of the past few days' storm had vanished. I forgot to take a picture, but even in the images I shot this morning, it is clear that the snows of winter are receding.

Maybe, just maybe, springtime is on the horizon and the groundhog's prediction of an early spring will come true!

All happening in just a day.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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