Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Take: Vying for Equal Time

Over the course of the past couple of entries, my cat Riordin has been pictured in a variety of positions, which have been trying to stay warm or to find warmth. 

Louis Getting Equal Time
In the interest of fairness, I decided to show Louis sitting in my chair. He has a knack for getting into my chair just after I get up, for instance to go get another cup of coffee. When I return, he gives me that big, blue-eyed looks as if to say, "you wanted to come back?"

I have noticed that the whole idea of vying for equal time also applies to the presidential candidates. Those who are lower in the polls try to do or say spectacular things to get air time and help get their message out.

Frankly, I'm tired of the sensationalism. It is becoming a joke to find out which candidates traded insults during the past 24 hours. The most recent Republican debate was an example of this trend at its worst. Candidates traded barbs and insults rather than discussing meaningful concepts and ideas like foreign policy. I'm not kidding, the country needs a coherent plan to correct 7 years of ineffective and inconsistent foreign policy. On the other side, one of the democratic candidates was personally responsible for the chameleon-like foreign policy we have been suffering through.

I really don't want to watch many more of the debates if they are going to continue to be like a bad reality TV show. Wait! One of the candidates starred in his own reality TV show, no wonder why the debates are beginning to take on that type of character.

My Take

"We the people" need to demand better from our candidates because that is where the problem lies. We are not making our voices heard and we are accepting the lowest level of campaigning as those behind in the polls vie for equal time.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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