Sunday, February 14, 2016

Frozen Dawn

Dawn, February 14, 2016
I know, I must not have much to write about since I am going discussing another sunrise.  Well, at least it is not a tequila sunrise!

I despise the cold. But sometimes I find something unique hidden away associated with it. This morning, it is the sun coming up against the frozen blue sky. The naked trees are reflecting the light in the 8 degree morning. Yes, it is cold. There is still snow on the ground from the storms of a few weeks ago.

Riordin on the Register
It is so cold that Riordin is sitting on the register trying to keep warm as he looks outside even though it is toasty in the house.

I could write about the Republican debate. Nothing specific was discussed and then mudslinging began. I'm not sure how invoking problems of previous Presidents helps someone's own campaign. I noticed that one candidate in particular doesn't know how to play well in the sandbox. He believes that he can interject whenever the spirit moves him. Overall though, there was nothing different as the frozen dawn deepens.

In my region, it is going be cold and then there is going to be some winter weather. Be careful. I probably should have accepted Chris'  offer to escape to Key West for the weekend.

It is Valentine's Day! And so, I hope you have a happy one.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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