Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Winds of Autumn

I noticed it yesterday morning for the first time this season. It was dark when I took Makayla out and I couldn't really see very well to clean up after her. I had to feel around on the ground for the warm spot.

Autumn is coming.

The morning temperatures are drifting down. I noticed they were expecting 48 degrees in Upstate NY this week. Not just cool, but cold.

Too cold for me.

Too cold for palm trees.

And the darkness of autumn is already upon us as the daylight grows shorter every day. The equinox is coming--even though still three weeks away its presence is being felt, or seen.

Football is in the air. Cold is clinging to the morning in the dew.

Even after the rain and an 85 degree day, it is cool in the morning.

I have noticed the leaves beginning to turn and fall in small numbers form some of the trees. I was asked when I was closing the pool--never I replied, although it was merely bravado. I don't have the time to clean it once autumn fully arrives and the leaves fall to the ground in waves.

The grapes are being harvested to make wines--2012 vintage. I'm sure the rains of the past few days have been a real problem for the wine makers.

And daylight fades into darkness as the grip of autumn strengthens.

It is almost September. Wow. Just yesterday, it seems, we were moving from May into June and the hope of the now completed summer was still in front of us.

At least summer is coming somewhere south of the equator.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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