Friday, August 31, 2012

Cat Fails

One of my cars--the Jaguar convertible, is known as Cat. Cat has an issue. As I pulled into the garage last night clouds of steam billowed up from under the hood and orange coolant began forming on the floor of the garage.

Cat has a problem. One of the heater hoses burst and hot coolant was steaming out everywhere. It was a huge mess, and frankly it was something that I really didn't need after such a nice drive home on a beautiful afternoon.

In retrospect, where better for a car to fail than in the driveway?  At least I was not stranded on the side of a rush hour clogged highway with scores of travelers gawking at me wondering what was wrong.

I was safely in my garage.

I was home and my biggest concern was moving my racquetball gear to my truck in preparation for the morning.

Do I call AAA and have them tow Cat to a repair place? To a Jaguar dealer?

Do I attempt a backyard repair?  It looks pretty simple. Really. Only problem is that I spend most of the evening online and cannot find the hose needed to effect the repair. It has two bends in it.

Monday! I'll fix it on Monday afternoon.

I hope.

Ugh! Why do cars break? Why when we least need them to break. Although, when is a good time for them to break?

At least, as I wrote earlier, it was not alongside the parkway on a busy afternoon. I hate being stared at. People wondering what transgression I committed for my car to fail.

I'll drive my truck today.  I could drive Kitty. I have choices.

I am blessed in so many ways.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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