Thursday, August 16, 2012

At Stay-cation's End

It is back to work this morning after completing my stay-cation. That is a hard reality to comprehend.

It had been a great respite at the end of the effective summer. Projects were accomplished around the house, movies were watched, and I even made a journey yesterday to the shooting range to fire some rifles--including my 42 year old Ithaca .22. It was good to hear the crack of a .22 round bursting forth from the barrel of my long time friend again and also for Patrick to be able to finally achieve a dream in firing that rifle.

Most of all though, I was able to spend some quality time with Chris as we worked side-by-side accomplishing the projects or watching the movies.

I saw two movies in their first days of release:
The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Hope Springs. I have not done that in a long while. I actually saw The Odd Life of Timothy Green on its premier day--which was yesterday. I also enjoyed watching Jaws with Ethan the other afternoon--so I also saw a classic from 1975.

I could not believe that Jaws was released in 1975, but it was. My how things have changed--even our understanding of Great White sharks. I saw an clip on Shark Week that suggested that the movie Jaws was instrumental in advancing our understanding of Great White sharks--even though the movie portrayed them incorrectly.

But this morning, it is back to work, albeit only two days this week. I'm glad it is a short week--but Thursdays are the busiest days of the week. Now, frankly, I am wondering why I didn't take the whole week off. And maybe next week, too.

Chris and I did a quick review of the stay-cation and decided that it is definitely a keeper! I will do it again next year. Plan a short vacation to go no where but home.

Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz said it best: "There's no place like home!"

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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