Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rain, rain, and did I say more rain?

Yesterday was one of those days that we actually need every so often. Rain to replenish the earth and continue the springtime growth.

My lawn is growing out of control--I am not looking forward to trying to get it back under control. If only I had a lawn mower--mine is still in the shop. But the lawn is too wet to mow right now, anyway.

Rain is necessary to keep the growth and green going.

It is still raining this morning and promises to be a wet and dreary day. Not that that matters as I work under the cold, uncaring glow of fluorescent lighting.

Makayla hates the rain. She won't go out in the yard to do her business and it almost comical to watch her try to find a dry place under the bushes to pause for her morning constitutional.

The drive to work should be especially trying--the roads tend to clog when it rains and the impatient drivers push the tolerance of the rest of us by trying to creat speed where none should exist.

Uncaring, the rain will continue to fall.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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