Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pool Joy in the Springtime

The pool has been open for almost two weeks already--and other than putting my feet into it, I have yet to enjoy except to look at it. I have spent time cleaning it and putting the chemicals into it to make the water perfect. Pools are really demanding when they are first opened--and mine is no exception.

But even tough I have not yet jumped into it, there is something peaceful about looking at a swimming pool waiting for the fun to begin.

Last evening I spent more time getting the pool ready, I used the blower to get the recently fallen leaves off the deck before the wind blew them into the water. I also confirmed that the chemicals are balanced--it wasn't as bad as I had been worried once I used a test strip that gave accurate results.

Aside from terrifying the cat, totally accidentally, while using the gas powered blower--it was a great afternoon. So far, by my unscientific count, I have spent about 9 hours working on the pool to get it ready and 0 hours in the pool swimming.

But I still enjoy just sitting outside, by the pool, thinking of 90 degrees and mid-summer refreshment.

Soon? I hope?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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