Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Patty Reese House Concert - Review

Saturday night, Cellar Music sponsored a house concert featuring Patty Reese accompanied by Dave Chappell on guitar.

The venue continues to be a great place to experience artists up close and personal. This concert was very well attended and so there was a lot of conversation and food and drink before the concert actually began. That perhaps is one of the great aspects of house concerts--the intimacy and the relaxed atmosphere. There was no annoying bag check to get into the house!

Dave Chappell was awesome performing as the second guitar to Patty. His riffs and fills added significantly to the experience and it was clear he was experienced in working next to Patty. It was also evident that he is an experienced and excellent guitarist. I enjoyed listening to his music almost as much as the headliner for the evening.

Patty put on a solid performance. She worked the crowd well and was personable and approachable. I felt her vocals were reminiscent of Janice Joplin with a raspy and folksy quality. Her songs were well written and told excellent stories. The lyrics made sense and worked well with the music. I could tell that her songs are designed to highlight the best qualities of her voice. They were compelling to listen to, and I'm sure with a bit more familiarity I would be humming some of the tunes.

Bottom line--Cellar Music did it gain. Way to go Gary and Pam.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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