Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ordinary but not Boring

I believe I live an ordinary life. It is not filled with the trials of being superstar or a heroic political leader (are there any out there anymore?) I blend into the background fabric of life and existence.

Yet, my life is not boring. No, in fact each day is filed with people who are fun and exciting to talk to and spend time with . My daily activities, while at times seemingly mundane, allow me to express my inner self and make a contribution which I believe is important.

Life can be ordinary--but it certainly does not need to be boring.

Would I really want a life that is not ordinary? I think not.

I do not long to live a life where my time is managed, my appearances monitored, and every word dissected for its true or double meaning.

I enjoy my life where early on a Saturday morning I can drink coffee, have my dog at my feet, and tap a few sentences on my iPad to help my make sense of what happened yesterday or what will be going on today. And not really worry if anyone else even that I am awake. A life where stopping to smell the flowers--or even notice them, does not make me late for some over inflated appointment.

Ordinary does not mean without purpose. Life has purpose, even more so when ordinary.

As I reflect on life and the meaning of the word ordinary--I believe that I strive to be ordinary.

Because hidden in the meaning of ordinary is the word normal and that is reassuring.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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