Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cats and Dogs Get Jealous, Too

My cat, Riordin, and dog, Makayla, are extremely jealous of each other.

The more attention one of them gets, the more the other tries to get into the situation. It causes hilarious moments as the 35 pound dog attempts to become a lap dog and the cat tries to beg like a dog for things he doesn't even like.

It gets a bit over the top when the cat tries to sit on my keyboard while the dog is getting her head scratched. It gets even more humorous when Riordin is on my lap on the couch and Makayla jumps up and tries to get her head between my hand and Riordin. I know they like each other because there are no claws or screeching (as cats sometimes do) when this happens.

Well, at least life is mostly harmonious. The competition is friendly, or so it seems. They even play together at times--well Riordin takes a friendly swat at Makayla (with his claws retracted). Makayla has been known to give Riordin a friendly lick--although I think cats really hate that.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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