Saturday, April 7, 2012

Reflections of Orioles Opening Day 2012

It was truly a holiday--and the crowds were crushing. I haven't see so many people at Camden Yards in a long time. It was impossible to move at the pre-game party across the street from the stadium. And as it was, that party continued throughout the entire game.

I had been in that crowd only minutes before but decided it wasn't a lot of fun and headed off to the stadium to find my seat for the game.

The day was cool--especially in the shade. The sky was clear. It was Opening Day for the Orioles and expectations for the 2012 campaign were high.

The stadium was ready to begin the 20th Anniversary celebration. And it did not disappoint.

Neither did the Orioles. The game was a gem, with the starting pitcher, Jake Arrieta, going seven innings and giving up two hits and no runs. The relief corps didn't do so well, but the O's still chalked up a win on opening day. With one game down and 161 to go, they are tied for first in the American League East.

As Patrick and I were chatting in our seats, we were trying to determine how many Opening Days I have attended--and I believe it is 10. I had thought they were 10 straight, but I did miss one year when we went to Napa for Spring Break. I guess that was a good trade.

Baseball is back! Next up, the pool!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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